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Save the date!


Ms. Otis & The Regrets

Please note the time for this has changed. We'll start playing around 6:30pm.

The band plays a nice mix of covers you'll know and originals you'll love. Two of the guys write songs and have very different styles, so there will be something for everyone! We'll play for about 2 hours. Stop in and grab a drink!


Mar. 22nd, 2010

LZ and I will be singing 3 songs for this show this weekend. It's $20 at the door. Yes, I know that's a lot. I will not hold it against you if you don't come. But Lauren & I sound really good together, and we're doing the song I wrote using my moms' poetry as lyrics... just sayin'...


One step closer

This morning when Joe and I turned the corner to the dreaded McCandless hill, we saw a city truck parked near the staircase. THEY CLEARED THE SNOW OFF THE STEPS!

No more slide of death!


Step by step

This morning I grabbed a shot of the stairs we take down to Stanton Ave, where we catch the 77G. I shit you not when I say the bottom half of the staircase currently does not consist of any actual, tangible steps. It's smoother than a snow baby's bottom.

I've braved the staircase twice since Snowapalooza, and both times I basically held the railing with two hands and slid down. There is no other way to do it (if you want to live).

They remain untouched by shovels and salt.


A Valentine's Day anecdote

Joe & I have been together almost 5 years now, and we've probably had 3 "epic" fights that usually followed the same pattern:

1. I have an expectation that he fails to meet, so I get mad.a
2. I give him the silent treatment.
3. He can tell I'm upset, but says nothing.b
4. I wait until bed time, but can't go to bed angry so I tearfully break down, telling him why I'm upset. c
5. He holds me and either apologizes or lets me apologize, or both.d

You should know that early into our relationship, we decided "Happy Together" was our song. For two of these three "epic" fights, during step 2 when I'm trying to give him the silent treatment, the song has actually come on the radio. The first time it happened, I got madder but let it play. The second time it happened, I got madder and huffily turned it off.

So, I'd like to play it when we're NOT fighting. This is for you, Jojo. I really can see me loving nobody but you for all my life.

I love you, darling.

a This expectation may or may not be reasonable.
b He is probably afraid it'll make things worse. He is probably right.
c I'm sure this part of the process is especially enjoyable for him.
d I'm usually in tears for the entire conversation.


shirt? dress?

Behold my new denim shirt dress from Marshall's! It was only $19.99.
I wore it to the Benny Folds concert tonight.
He played with the PSO, and it was fabulous.

I'm so glad to have my life back after this past week's snow job.

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